Square Foot III Art Show

May Tulips 12" x 12" Acrylic

May Tulips 12″ x 12″ Acrylic

april tulips

April Tulips 12″ x 12″ Acrylic

Ready, set, go!  Another year and the Square Foot III art show is my favorite one to enter in North Dakota.  There is  drama with the dark backgrounds, I know.  Last years entries were also surrounded by a warm dark pigment mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt umber.  Maybe I’ll lightened up for next year…but I am sure it will also be flowers.

   The Square Foot III paintings are due soon.   I’m wishing they were more painterly in style, however, if I start blurring the edges now, so to speak, I may run out of time.  These hard edge flowers will have to do. April and May are appropriately named as they took two months of my fussing to complete.  My subjects for these acrylic paintings were not near as full and beautiful. Only three tulip buds expressed themselves in my garden.  Between rabbits and poor weather there wasn’t much to brag about.  But because tulips are the first to show up in the Spring, I’m giving them the honor of my attention.

 I draw a light rough sketch upon the canvas and begin with color on the background.  Painting the edges of the canvas also is part of the design.  Next, I carved the leaves out of my sketch, with the hope I could duplicate that blue-green sheen.  I saved the best for  last, the flower bloom itself.  I should add here, that it takes me almost as long to sign my name….my handwriting is not the best.  If I can’t do it with a big brush, I am lost. 

All entries are hung, no juror, and any artist wanting to try their hand at painting a canvas for the exhibition and sale, should certainly enter this wonderful show next Spring. 

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