Deadline or Dead Late Square Foot 1


                                              DEADLINE OR DEAD LATE Square Foot 1

     Another art show deadline, and a very desirable format.  Each artist receives the same size 12″x 12″ canvas, two allowed.  Freestyle, any media.  The only restrictions: Do not alter the size, no diagonal paintings and unframed.  I elected to ask for two canvas panels, thinking that I will make my design from one to the other, vertically.  Time will tell to see if they hang one above the other as planned.

      Of course it is a garden motif.  Flowers surround me both indoors and outdoors, it is my “forever theme”.  Poppies, pansy, and tulips.  Spring Garden 1 and Spring Garden 2.

      Watercolor paintings, preserved in a coating of UV spray.  Ready to hang.  I finished the day they were to arrive by mail in Bismarck, Oops, the next option:  To drive the little canvas paintings down and hand deliver them.  A Saturday, thinking the gallery would be open, I arrived two hours later in the their parking lot.  Only one other car.  Hmmm?  Upon inquiry, I met a lovely woman who was tending the beautiful potted plants surrounding the building.  “No, they are not open weekends.”  Yikes, dead late!  I pled my case, as “hand delivery” was not until Monday, and I’m here two days early.  I shamelessly urged her to take them from me, as she is at the gallery often.  I realize it is an extra burden for her to deliver these masterpieces to the curator on Monday.  She graciously accepted.  Oh, so wonderful.  I quickly handed them over.  Later thinking it could have been a mistake to give them to a stranger.  But her friendly smile told me I could trust her. 

     The show was a roaring success, I’m told.  Two hundred entry’s, and a wonderful turnout for the Artists Reception.  It was the First Annual Square Foot Art Show.  It will become a feature next year also.   I’m looking forward to it.  I will not be late.                                    

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