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 My journal or is it a blog? It began as a project to see if I could put a website together that I would be proud to show the world.  Uploading many of my recent art pieces, buy shying away from writing a blog, until now.  I’m still learning,  editing and editing.  Did I mention editing? 

 I’ve read that my “blog” should not be about “me”.  So, I guess, so far this is a journal.

 This website is mainly a link back to my Etsy shop. .  Not necessarily to compete with it, but perhaps at some point I will choose to add a shopping feature.  Right now, all items mentioned here are for sale on the above link.

I love the watercolor products available, the old standbys and the a new must have.   Just the word “new” in advertising draws my attention, whether it’s art related or in everyday life.  The perfect consumer.

You’ve heard it before, the journey is ongoing.  The learning of new techniques and the information never slows….I have too many paintings to do.  Finishing each of them is necessary.

Perhaps if I wasn’t a self-taught artist, I’d quickly motor through to the end of a painting.  I love the “hunt”, slowing just enough to get satisfaction in the process.  Signing my name tells me it’s done, never to return.  Yeah right!  I sometimes open a framed watercolor just for “fix” something.  I’ve done that just to re-sign my name, how ridiculous is that?  So vain. 

I belong to a painting group of four working artists.  Thursdays, for three hours.  Each painting watercolor projects for show, commissions and just for the fun of it.  I get a lot of work done among them, talking art and its tools.  Of course the ice tea fuels our non-stop conversations. It’s good to get out of the studio and another’s perspective on our paintings.

I’m not much for public speaking, unless I have a brush in my hand, then watch out.  There is an opportunity every Fall to demonstrate my painting style at a university painting class. To tell students how and why I do art and make a living with it.  In this world of wonderful digital art, it is fun to show them that I always paint the old fashion way, a brush and paint to paper or canvas.  How else would I be able to speak?  I’m looking forward to this week.





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