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  1. Judy Bell says:

    I will only send requested links and answers to your comments and questions……Judy

  2. Betty Wison says:

    I love the cardinal that you painted! How did you get him to look fuzzy?

    • Judy Bell says:

      Hi Betty: Thanks for your inquiry. I loved painting this little whimsical cardinal. I wet the area around his head & tummy with a little clear water on my brush. Then went back with color tracing the outline of the body. Sometimes it works better than others. The key is to not get it “too wet”. If you’re a watercolor painter, you’ll have to try it, it’s fun………..Judy

  3. Hi Judy, followed your link from Etsy to your website. You’re work is just stunning!!! I love all the little birds, the little bluebird in particular, but I have to admit… my favorite piece is “Hydrangea Bouquet”. Beautiful, beautiful work!!! Much continued success!!! Gammy Tammy

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